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Humour therapy is no laughing matter. Something that we usually take for granted, laughing allows us to momentarily forget our troubles.

The Healing Power of Laughter
Believe it or not, studies show that laughing can boost the immune system, reduce stress, and even help us deal with chronic pain. Think of a time when you laughed really hard and how out-of-breath you were afterwards. Now that’s a good laugh!

Humour can boost brain-power and sharpness, as well. Similarly, maintaining a positive attitude will create more moments of joy rather than spending time thinking about the negatives. If you focus on the humour rather than the cynicism, your day will play out much differently.

Try This at Home
Spend roughly five minutes doing these five giggle-gushers. This can be done at by yourself or with others. No matter how ridiculous they seem, try them – we promise you’ll feel better afterwards!

– Begin with different types of laughing. Try some loud “ha-has” and some deeper “ho-hos” and maybe even an “ah-ha-ha”. Forcing yourself to laugh will eventually work. You’ll be surprised!
– Make your laugh musical. Belt out your laugh up and down the musical scale.
– Pretend everything you touch gives you an electric shock! Bleep a sharp “aeeee!” as you can’t stop from being shocked.
– Close your mouth and laugh haughtily. Try to keep your mouth closed! You might lose it on this one.
– Quietly think about your day or week and pick out your worst moments. Force yourself to laugh at these moments. You’ll find yourself feeling better in no time.