With doors closed indefinitely, many spas, salons and studios are waiting anxiously to see them open again. Paying staff, rent and utilities is incredibly difficult with no revenue coming in. But we are not powerless to help. Here are some ideas to consider, and remember, a quick note to say you miss and appreciate them might be just the thing they need to hear today.

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Ici Paris Skin Clinic & Spa is offering virtual skin consultations, especially helpful if you suffer from rosacea.

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“Rosacea cannot be prevented or cured; however it can be treated and controlled, and it’s manifestations can be reversed” – Zein Obagi MD . . 💕 April is Rosacea Awareness Month. 415 million people are affected by rosacea globally. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 people suffer from it and we know that it affects twice as many women as men. Don’t suffer in silence- . . ⁉️ What causes rosacea ? Rosacea is a disease within the body with external response seen in the skin, such as facial erythema, edema, papules, pastules, burning etc. If it’s left untreated it can become worse with time. Some of the causes of rosacea are: * Vascular disorder: flushing, erythema, visible capillaries * Internal disorder/gut health: bad bacteria * Nervous system/stress: emotional stress triggering flare ups * Demodex mites: normal inhabitant on all skin, substantial increase in rosacea skin . . ⁉️What is Rozatrol from ZO? It’s a treatment serum for red, sensitized and rosacea skin that works to normalize skin by reducing excess surface oil. Exfoliating properties provide ultra-mild exfoliation to prevent the signs of premature aging. Benefits: • Advanced amino acid complex helps to restore skin to a more radiant appearance. • Provides mild exfoliation to help smooth skin texture and even skin tone. • Antioxidant protection helps minimize appearance and feel of inflammation and damage induced by daily oxidative stress. • Helps replenish hydration and support healthy skin barrier function. . . If you suffer from rosacea, our skin experts can help you. Book your virtual consultation via phone 416.461.1774 or via email skincare@iciparis.ca . . #rosaceaawarenessmonth #skinconditions #iciparisskinexperts #zoskinhealth #zoskincare #sensitiveskin #sensitiveskinsolution #reactiveskin

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For those going without their lash refills, Spa In The Village has curbside pickup for EyEnvy Eyelash Conditioner.

West Spa is offering 15% off all products plus free delivery to keep your beautiful face glowing.

Lavish Salon and Spa says it’s the perfect time to stock up Aveda Comforting Tea – and they’re right.

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It's the perfect time to stock up Aveda Comforting Tea! The licorice PROMOTES RESPIRATORY HEALTH. The peppermint improves digestion and can help to ease nausea. Sweet fennel promotes STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM. Lastly basil is powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. During this time, all of these ingredients can help you feel more comfortable knowing you are putting the right plants in you body. Our soothing, certified organic, caffeine-free herbal infusion—with licorice root and peppermint—calms your senses, promoting a sense of well-being. •100% certified organic•no caffeine, sugar or added flavors •drink hot or iced#lavish #freecurbsidedelivery#lavishsalonspa#lavish@bellnet.ca

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Use Their Virtual Services

The team at La Peau D’or Spa is available by email to assist with questions in regards to your home care routine.

Rain Medi Spa & Salon has a wonderful step-by-step manicure video plus other treatment videos and at-home tips for you to enjoy.

Oxygen Yoga Studios has class online every day at 11:00 am, which stay live for 24 hours.

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Les étapes essentielles d'un facial à la maison: Nettoyage / Exfoliation / Masque / Hydratation. Découvrez ces étapes primordiales dans notre dernier article, dans notre blogue, Le Hublot.|The essentials of an at home facial: Cleansing / Exfoliation / Mask / Hydration. Discover this important steps in our latest article on our blog, The Porthole. . . . 🌎@Botabotamtl, Montreal _____________________________ 📷@eminenceorganics _____________________________ #vieuxport #vieuxportmtl #oldportmtl #mtlmoments #montreal #madeinmontreal #quebecoriginal #explorecanada #thehappynow #quebecauthentique #floatingspa #sunday #montreal #water #serene #happy #watercircuit #spring #breathe #thermotherapy #relaxation #2020 #5sensduBotaBota #5sensesofBotaBota #botabotamtl

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